Us… Our Story

We started from our living room and dining room. In a small townhouse. In Palm City, Florida. We meet on online dating in 2012. Brad Eventually moved in with Anna and Mason. In Fort Pierce, Florida. In 2014 as we were packing up our old Florida home. Signing homeowner papers. Walter appeared. Completing our family. Our adventure began.

For Anna. After teaching for 25 years and being in retail. With a prior life as a Ebay Powerseller, resell vendor, garment and jewelry district sales contractor, Sports Card & collectibles store owner and data entry specialist. Anna needed a way to stay home. It was time to retire from teaching. What next? It was back to retail and why not try a new area. Anna had worked in the garment, fashion and jewelry district growing up in NYC. And had studied and performed as an actor growing up in NYC. It was time to try selling on social platforms.

We began with clothing. Anna showed her closet of collecting LuLaRoe starting in December 2016. Seller a few pieces here and there. As we waited for two months to get in. Going live from the dining room more and more. On February 13, 2017. We were in. Before the clothes came. She sold out of her personal stash. We made top company 100 in under a month.

Brad was doing all the shipping. While working in the golf industry. Anna closed her in home daycare in the first three months.

Facebook opened lives in 2016. We joined right along. As well as periscope.

Evolving fast. By one year. Brad left his golf profession to jump on board. It had been Anna live and selling. Brad shipping. But the pace was fast and our love from the community huge. Brad joined on fulltime. It became a husband-and-wife tag team live for the 6 years. We traveled all over country. Campgrounds. Even a cruise ship. Live selling our clothing. By 2020. We had moved three times. Florida to Arizona to Nevada.

Our social following had established. We had been awarded some honors with our clothing venture. But the world of retail changed in 2020. It was time to branch the clothing out. Add brands and bring in snacks, stuff and more. As we grew. Adding on a storefront warehouse. We enjoyed the next two years growing the shop. Adding a full website, our own app and more platforms.

By the time we moved to Utah. After some extreme personal losses and injuries. We had suffered head on car accidents. Forever changing our family and health. We left for the mountains. Utah became our dream. We grew into a new type of live shop. Adding in vintage and second hand. An area Anna had done for decades before. By November 2022. We had enjoyed the Rockies. Found her birth family after 46 years. A huge moment. We again enjoyed live. Our family was ready to step into the next adventure. We added another platform. By now we had been on periscope. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Our own website. An app made for us. And in November 2022 we added Whatnot. In December of 2023. We will begin our 8th year as a Live Social Retailer and Reseller.

We love the adventures we have been gifted. Friends made. Stories we have heard. We love being able to come into homes. Bring amazing new things to people all over. While being able to enjoy our family.

XXOO Anna and Brad