This or That Utah

Roffer’s Mercantile & Wally’s Sweets

Bringing the fun to you where you are. Comedy meets nonsense shopping. Crafts snacks, candy, gifts, clothes and more. Vintage, antique and new. Its shop of this and that. Run in secret by the Oompa Loompas, Beetlejuice and their friends. While they puppet Anna and Brad to bring it alive.

You can shop by message, post grab or live on video. We are live weekdays on WhatNot app. Some weekends.


  • Hello world!

    Welcome to our new upgraded site. Please be patient while we transfer things over. We are no longer at this time offering ordering on the site. We are offering shopping by posts you see on our socials. Direct contact with us like a PM. We are offering shopping on WhatNot. Live experience and static marketplace…

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