Club Membership

Become a piggly savings club member! We'd love to have you!

Get reduced shipping and a discount on all orders with basic! 
Add on to get a higher discount! 
Add on to get free shipping and a dedicated text service for help! 

  • All Three Plans
    • Get a discount on every order
    • Even if its already on sale
  • Get reduced or free shipping depending on the plan
    • Shipping has increased lets get you a huge savings
  • Personal help and a plan with a text service option
  • Extra gifts in your boxes
    You deserve it! With thousands of things available. Daily needs, foods, self care, gifts, home, health and more. Lets get you the best shopping experience. Pay LESS.
    The best of shopping with vip and premium services
    Save more shop smarter
    1. Click The Plan Option
    2. Choose Your Start Date
    3. Add Your Payment To Save On File or Invoice Monthly
    4. Cancel Anytime
    • Click the link (it is on the invoicing you get)
    • You change the plan monthly: 2 ways to do that
    • Cancel and resign up on a new plan
    • Contact us to change it for you
    BASIC PLAN 19.99
    5% off about 98 percent of the items you are offered live and on social platforms. You can request a personal code for the app and website. 
    Reduced shipping. During non peak it is 5.00. Rates are 7.00 during peak time. It is an additional 2-3.00 for oversized boxes. This applies to continental US lower 48 only.
      • Hawaii, Guam, PR and Alaska will pay the base rate and we will pay the same rate you paid. Anything over that you will be billed for prior to shipping. This is because we generally can only ship USPS. No FedEx or UPS. We cannot use our savings rate or larger boxes. You are still saving however. You will have less boxes than other members. As we will work to combine you as much as possible monthly. If you want faster speed. Just reach out for extra shipments. 
      • You can expect 1-2 shipments a month. You are using a subscription savings plan.
    5-15% off 98 percent of the items offered live and on social platforms. You can request sa personal code for the app and website.
    Basic plan shipping reduction included

    Includes all of level 1 basic and level 2 save more savings 5-15%
    FREE shipping on all live and social orders. Free website shipping applies to the live store site. It does not apply to the main website. As those are shipped uncombined and immediate. 
      • You can expect 1-4 shipments a month. Larger and more frequent ordering will have more shipments. 
    Customer Service help from the shop oweners. Via text or phone on their personal cell phones. DM/Pm on their personal accounts on FB. For anything needed. 

    ALL PLANS include extra gifts in packages and treats.