Israeli Broccoli Salad

Israeli Broccoli Salad

This is a staple where I grew up in New York City. You also find it on many tables Friday night for Shabbat. From Brooklyn to Florida and all around. Its a Jewish staple. As well as a European known side dish. I love to brnig this to pot lucks. Its easy, fast and everyone loves it. 

If you are making this is for a large crown just double up and triple up. 


2 Heads fresh broccoli. If you get the pre cut bag its 2 heads.

First you par boil some broccoli. You want to boil it for about 3 min. It will look bright and be crisp. Not "cooked" and soft. Submerge it into ice water when done. That stops the cooking process. This is a blanching process.

Cut the head into bite size pieces. No stem. 

Mix the bite size pieces with the following

1/2 c dried cranberries. I also use crazins or cherries if thats whats on hand.

2/4 c sunflower seeds. I have used kamut cracklings. Anything like the seeds would work if thats what you have. You will be ok if omitting. It adds a crunch though. Which is nice to have. As well as protein

1/4 c red onions died nice and small. You do not want to have a huge onion piece to bite. Yellow will be to strong. Yes raw.

Mix well


1 c mayo (really hellmans/best is the only real one)

1/4 c pure white sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt (I use french salt or our salt mix)

A little ground pepper

Pour over the salad and mix really well. Until its all coated. It will be a little liquid like. Thats ok. 


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